Eating with Chemo

We talked about taking vitamins with chemo. Which is correct but we also need to talk about healthy eating. A lot of those vitamins is taken with food. Yes food. You hear a lot of people say they cannot eat because of the chemo. It gives the food a metallic taste, for most reasons. YesRead More

Vitamins with Chemo

I remember when I was diagnosed with CLL. I was a stage 4. It was in 90% of my bone marrow. I had to have Chemo. My daughter was not going to take this without a fight. She researched and gather up some information on vitamins for me to take while on Chemo. She talkedRead More

Peace with CLL

The time I was diagnosed with CLL  in 2014, I realize I did not know me. Sounds crazy. People tend to think they know themselves but the truth of the matter is that they really don’t. What they know is what the voices in their heads tell them. Yes we all have voices in ourRead More

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