Peace with CLL

The time I was diagnosed with CLL 

in 2014, I realize I did not know me. Sounds crazy. People tend to think they know themselves but the truth of the matter is that they really don’t.

What they know is what the voices in their heads tell them. Yes we all have voices in our heads. Most of them are negative speaking voices. Loud and clear.

We see what these voices tell us to see. We feel what those voices tell us to feel. Sometimes we act upon these voices.

That’s where you don’t know yourself. You think you do because the voices tells you, you do.

There is a one of my favorite saying in the Bible: “Peace Be Still“.

Peace be still is yes a small but powerful saying.

Peace be still taught me how to calm myself like Jesus calmed the raging sea.

Peace be still taught me how to feel for once what is really going on inside of me.

Peace be still taught me how to Shut out the noise from that negative voice on the inside.

Peace be still helped me notice and recognize me.

Peace be still taught me not to be afraid of the monster called CLL.

Therefore, Peace be still taught me how to DEAL with CLL.

I’m not a regular church goer but I do have my beliefs and Peace be still is one I live by.

I learned to be still and be happy, be still and love the life I live, be still and live the life I love.

Thank you so much,


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