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The Undercover Heroes

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Today I was sitting in the Main Lobby eating my lunch. I work in a Veterans Hospital. I was wondering what am I going to write for my next story? I was sitting and wondering, then it hit me.

The Housekeepers. What wonderful people they are. I notice how clean and tidy everything is. The halls, the walls the bathrooms, Patients rooms, the offices, the eating area the floors etc. You know the Housekeepers are the hardest workers and the lowest paying workers in the Veterans Hospital.

I am a Supply Tech for the Operating Room. You should see them (Housekeepers) when the doctors are done with a patient. They join together and start cleaning that room from top to bottom.

They don’t complain. They just do their jobs with smiles on their faces.

When we had Covid patients going upstairs on the elevators, There was a housekeeper cleaning everything as they passed with the patient. The Housekeeper was on it, keeping everyone safe by cleaning.

There is one who works in the supply area where I dwell. He is very young and a sweet guy. He has a second job. I asked him what he does on his second job? He looks at me with a beautiful smile on his face and said with a great deal of pride “Housekeeping”.

To all you Housekeepers out there I want to say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for keeping everything clean. You are the Undercover Heroes. Thank you.



  1. How many things we take for granted. We should be grateful for the work that others do for us. And one of the things we easily forget is the work of housekeepers. It’s easy to see everything clean and just think about ourselves. Do you know when we notice housekeepers? When something is dirty.

  2. Carrie, this is so kind of you, to dedicate a post to the people we often don’t see but benefit from their work so much. They are people keeping others safe and many don’t recognize what you just wrote about until they actually hear it from someone like you. 

    My professor was telling us as we were approaching our employment in the theater (I studied acting) that the “house mice” are always the ones with who we must appreciate and always be friendly. Those are people preparing everything for actors and directors to run a successful show. 

    I feel your words a lot! 

    Of course, the wordage my professor used comes from Cindarella’s story 🙂 

    1. Thank you so much Sunny, I see so much praising about the healthcare providers ( Doctors, Nurses, CNA’s..etc.) but the always forget the Housekeepers. When I say under paid. I mean under paid. When I first found out about their pay. It sadden my heart, because they deserve more.

  3. Hi, I’ve just read your article on housekeepers. This is one of the best and most educative and informative articles I’ve come across. I must agree with you that housekeepers are the hardest workers but the lowest-paid workers. These people work hard day and night but God knows why their wages are very low. I wish companies can do something positive about them. Thank you so much for sharing such an important article with us, I will definitely be sharing it further to spread the word.

  4. Heck yeah I’m glad you made this article because these amazing heroes don’t get the attention that they deserve. Their work is highly valued and I’m glad that you took the time and consideration to write this all out just from what you we’re thinking in that moment. Overall this was a brief free but it was very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this

    1. Thank you so much Misael H. I try not to make my stories to long. I am happy you enjoyed it. Hopefully a Housekeeper will see it so they can know how much I appreciate them.

  5. This was inspiring; too often we overlook the charitable work other people do and more importantly perhaps, the way they do it.  It makes everyone else feel better and contributes to an overall positive vibe and attitude in the workplace.  That’s how good relations are kept up as well.  Thank you.  

    1. Yes Dominic, When I was diagnosed a Housekeeper stopped what he was doing and took time to sit with me and tell me his story about his blood disorder. He was going through the same thing so he knew how I felt. Today I saw him. I told him how I appreciate everything he does. His kind words at the time changed my life.

      Thank you so much

  6. What a great post, and a good cheer for the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Without them everything would have spiraled completely out of control. For certain, hospitals would be a COVID farm if not for them. Should anyone go to a hospital, I suggest if you see a janitor helping keep the place clean, make sure to thank them! They deserve it just as much as the doctors and nurses.

  7. Thanks Carrie for such a nice post. I’m just sorry that their work is a little appreciated.
    But unfortunately we individuals cannot change that.
    When I think of these people when I went to school I am always glad.
    I always tried to treat them nicely.
    because they allowed me to stay in nice and clean rooms.
    I like the way you look at them and respect them.

  8. During this difficult time I actually have to kudos to the house keeper. I see them work hard all the time and I am sure if they get the compensation that they deserve or not. I work in the assisted living and I have to say that I see them disinfecting the building all day long as well. Thanks for reminding us what a hero they are. 

  9. Housekeepers are great. I have one who is such a bossy woman that we are all terrified of her. She runs the house as she wants and no one dares protest. But she does a great job of it too. Nothing is ever out of place or left out. 

    The children complain, but they know well that had it not been for Mrs. Bean, there wouldn’t have been such happiness in the home. We love her to death. I was really pleased to see your short write-up on housekeepers. they deserve all the praise they can get. 



  10. Hello! I would like to say I really admire your courage, determination, and selflessness. In being so caring about others and trying to help them be as comfortable as possible in the circumstance that absolutely anyone could find themselves in. Kudos!

    You haven’t taken the poor me stance. You have firmly taken ahold of how can I help.The vitamins regimen seems like it would be very effective in any caseload. Reminded me that maybe I should get started on some. Thank you for reminding me about drinking water! That’s something else I am poor about but needs to change. At first when I opened your site and found out “ housekeepers” was about CLL and not actually housekeeping I was confused, I get it now, inspiriration!

    I looked for and could not find your affiliate disclosure. If you have one you may want to make it more prominent. So others can find it. I also noticed the word “affiliate” in one or two of the headings of your posts…. looks like it just kind of fell in there. Now the only other criticism I can offer is (we are supposed to) is this.

    My privacy policy requires me to have my email because I am the administrator of other peoples info on my site. In Europe it’s a law that whomever is in control of others information must be clearly stated on the website.

    That’s it I didn’t mean to sound critical because in no way shape or form would I want to take anything away from what you have built. Only add too ok?



    1. Thank you so much Larry, I am new to this and I really like your feedback because I need to know if there is anything anyone could help me with. I really do appreciate it. You have helped me. I chose not to take anything as negative. I will take it as constructive criticism and that is helpful. Thank you so much Larry 

  11. Yes, I agree so much with you. The housekeepers in my office are also very diligent to keep everything clean. Not only that, but some of them also nice to have a chat with. We love to include them in office events too because one of them is really hilarious 🙂  Yes, they have a big role in our company morale support, so we really appreciate their existence.

  12. We often do not see the people that keep our work spaces clean and tidy, so what a lovely idea to dedicate a post to the housekeepers, the unsung heroes of our time. Without them, our communal spaces would not be as safe. It is so pleasant to enter an area that is clean, but we often do not stop and think about the housekeepers that make us enjoy it.

  13. Housekeepers or cleaners are definitely something we take for granted until one of them isn’t there. Suddenly when we have to do things ourselves, we realize just how much they actually do in the background.

    It must be one of the most unthankful jobs in the world, so well done for acknowledging them in this post. They definitely deserve more recognition than they actually get.

  14. What a touching and heart-felt post Carrie. You are very correct, they are so hardworking that they come to work before me and I leave before them. Everywhere in my office is tidy and clean, they often pass by to check if there is any trash around. I think I like them and often smile at them many times. During this COVID era, they make sure everywhere is disinfected. I truly owe them my healthy life, you know.

    Thanks for this wonderful share.

  15. This information is awesome, the housekeepers are great people working with a smile and not a attitude, to keep us clean, to keep us safe, especially in the hospital, where germs are prevalent, we do appreciate them how clean and disinfect the areas are. and now you need a college degree to use the products?  how to use them? They are Heroes that no one sees, However, we see them, all of them.

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