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Humorous Story about Triplets

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Let me tell you this funny story about these triplets.Their names are Me, Myself and I. Yes you get it. First let me tell you about Me.

Me is the one that loves to have fun. She loves to laugh, and jokes around, she is a bit of a daredevil. She sometimes acts without thinking. She is basically the child of the group. Always happy without a care in the world. Except when she has constant fall outs with Myself.

 Yes Myself.

Myself is more of the laid back one. She is kind of shall I say, on the lazy side. She say no to a lot of Me’s crazy ideas. Myself doesn’t want to do anything. With all the fights and arguments Me and Myself have, We have the peace maker. Yes,

I is the peacemaker. I is the Boss. What I say goes. I is the adult. I is the protector. I is in control. When I speak everyone listens and get inline.

What brought me to this story was what happened this morning. The alarm went off at 4:30 am that’s the get ready bell. Then the 5;30 am bell comes. Me said, “OK let go”, but Myself said “No let’s stay”. Me said we need to get up. Myself said no we don’t feel good today, Me said but we want to get up. Myself said our legs hurt real bad. Me said we are awake let’s get up.

I heard enough. Okay let’s get up now. Before you knew we were up. We was not sick. Legs felt good. Mood changed because of Me. Me was happy. The day has started.

Now there are times when Me loses too. Like when the Covid hit. Me did not want to wear a mask and Myself did, believe it or not. Myself did not want to get sick but Me is so bold and careless at times. I have to get on Me as well. We wear mask all the time because what I says GOES!!

Thank you Guys, This is a true story is about Carrie.

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    1. Carrie, this is a humorous and insightful article about your internal struggles. The struggle is, indeed, real and for me(the real me, not the me in your story) I have a lot of the same internal struggles in various parts of my life as well but there seems to be the “bigger” person inside that steps in and settles the argument. 

      I believe if we listen to ourselves more we will more often than not make the right choice in our lives, regardless of what that choice is. It is when we let our decision be dictated by outside forces that we seem to stray on a path that we never intended for out lives and where we stop being in control.

    2. These internal struggles take place in all of us. But I enjoyed very much how you depicted it in such a humorous way. Adding humor to important topics makes us view it in another light and it’s helpful. I would also like to share your post with some family members so they may have a laugh too.

    3. I really enjoyed this humorous story it lifted my spirits for the day. I can also totally relate to it. Having internal struggles is a daily habit of mine. I always win because I am in charge and what I say Goes. I need to be active in my online business daily and that is what happens. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    4. Yup, I relate. We all have parts of ourselves that are in conflict with one another. For the most part, I think they’re all looking out for our best interest. They just all disagree on how to get there!

      I struggle with this yo-yo of me wanting to make sure that I relax, stretch, go outside and get some air and sun…and another part of me that says, “Hey, we need to get this work done.” It really is like parts of you are kids that you have to take care of but sometimes the adult isn’t the one that’s right in the end lol. I guess they all need to get their turn! Thanks for the cute article.

    5. It’s an interesting play on words, something I haven’t considered before. I was thinking it was going to be longer but it ended rather abruptly. It’s a neat idea and something I’d like to see more of. I could almost see this being made into a short story. It could be a really enjoyable read. 

      1. Thank you so much DashDNations, I tried to make them longer but something inside of me cut them off. I see the ending and it wind up being short.

    6. Thanks for sharing this cute little article Carrie. How you manage to still push on and are still able to find humor in life after everything you’ve had to endure, you’re definitely an inspiration. Even though I don’t suffer from any sort of chronic illness or disease I still have little fights with myself in my head when it comes to getting motivated and going about my day. This was a nice way to add humor to a little bit of motivation, thank you.

      1. Hi Rachel, Remember Happiness is a choice. I love to laugh at myself all the time. As I get older, I do crazy things. The fun part of laughing about it. Yes I can’t see well, Yes i forget, my legs hurt sometimes etc. but I love to laugh about that stuff. It’s not so bad. Thank God, I’m getting OLD!!! LOL!!!

        Thank you so much Rachel

    7. Hahah thank you for the amazing story about Myself, I and Me!  I found this to be quite funny but at the same time, it taught a valuable lesson I believe.  There is a constant internal struggle within us all, to do what we must do, even when part of us does not want to do that. I think your story helps explain that in such a fun and witty manner!

    8. Very unique and made me chuckle.  I know I have these too.  The different parts of me that want different things LOL.  The only way I know to get some things done, is to gang up on myself, my triplets as you say.  Did you write this yourself?  Very clever.  I’m gonna share!

      1. Yes I wrote this myself. That morning I was paying attention to myself and made me realize we all have 3 personalities within ourselves. I was able to describe each one of them exactly because they are how I feel about me. Thank you so much Leahrae. 

    9. This is the funniest piece of writing  I have read today. Its loaded with so much truth and life lesson that each individual should look at. The battle between Me, Myself and I is constant and fierce. I love boss I, she always get things done. But I needs me because if not she will die from all the seriousness .Lol

      1. Yes. I sits back and let Me and Myself have their way until they are indecisive with each other. LOL 

        thank you so much Bogadi for reading my story

    10. This article looks very familiar, and I think we all have the same problem of the Me wanting to get things right and the Myself not wanting to get itself up and going. I had a good laugh when reading this as I can totally relate.

      I think it would be great if we all had more of me or a stronger me and of course a huge dose of I. Just think how much more productive we could all be then?

      1. Yes Michel, but we do need Myself as well because we need that balance. We need that lazy relaxing time in our lives too. LOL

        Thank you so much Michel

    11. Thanks for sharing this humorous story. I really need something fun after working tirelessly. This pandemic really brought down my mood and mental state. I can relate to your internal struggle too. Sometimes, I really wish that I can wake up fast forward after this pandemic done, probably next year or so. If you have time, please share other funny stories too 🙂

      1. Thank you so much, Alblue, I will work on it. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I did not realize how nice my story was until I put it out here. Thank you so much!

    12. Hi Carrie,

      Good sense of humor to ease the day!

      But your story has the real essence of our internal thoughts and daily fights for life.

      Sometimes we are finding trouble to decide even with the slightest problem in our daily walk. Like what should be our meal for lunch? I am not in a good mood, shall I write or not? Should I go or not? And so much more…

      I see your chosen attitude today. To stay happy, rise up and continue with your mission of making someone else’ happy and letting him think even with his simple choice in life.

      Stay happy, receive your blessing of daily strength and keep touching other’s life. You are blessed!

    13. Nice work Carrie.

      I think we all have to learn how to be happy. The problem is that all of us are searching for happiness somewhere outside, but it’s been inside all the while. 

      Cute story, and it helps understand the conflicts we all go through. We all need to grow and learn each day, and emerge as better humans. That should be our aim. 



    14. I really enjoyed reading this as I can fully relate to it. I constantly have these internal battles and struggles with myself and it is usually the “sensible” one that wins. But of course not always because sometimes, I will decide that I have had enough and it is time that I win. 

      I think we all struggle with the triplets on occasion, and with me it is normally the overdeveloped sense of duty that wins.

    15. Great and funny story you wrote here! We all have those same triplets and it’s nice to be able to relate to other people. And you have done it in such a light hearted way that is great during this pandemic time. Thank you so much for sharing this! Definitely needed it today!

    16. Absolutely loved your goat picture and your story Carrie. What fun your three selves have been having. I’m pleased that I won out in the end and that you did get up and stop listening to myself you just wanted to lay around all day. This is definitely a conversation I have with myself often and it is funny to hear someone else talk about it.

      I say have a great day!

    17. Hi Carrie,

      At least now I know am not sane. Its evident everyone is struggling with these three senses of being. Me, Myself, and I are always a triple threat, but when conflict arises, it can really be chaotic. I wonder why one aspect can be that diligent, focused and all straight while the others only care a bit t no care at all. Me, I and I are really musketeers

      Thank you for this great article. I will definitely share your article with my friends!

      All the best,


    18. I like this post, it is a great example of self talk and how sometimes we have to compartmentalize our inner personalities in order to get through the day. Sometimes when I wake up, I do not want to go on that run that I had planned to do the night before, but I have to convince myself that I’m going, even if I don’t want to.

      1. That’s right AL.S. I said RUN. and what I says goes. Bet you felt GREAT!! I has everything under Control!! LOL!!

        Thank you so much AL.S 

    19. I must admit your story about triplets really kept me interested, you are a very creative person. You can count on my sharing your story of the triplets, I am more than happy to have as many people enjoy this story as I have. I enjoyed my time on your website, I plan to return very soon again.

      Thank you,


    20. Hi Carrie, what a lovely way of illustrating the internal struggles we all have with ourselves. How is it that we all seem to have an ongoing argument with one part of us wanting to do something and another part coming up with reasons for not doing it? If we stop for long enough to listen to I, then that’s when we can get on with life and make things happen. 

      Thanks for sharing and making me stop and think!

    21. Hey! If I read in between the lines of your post, I can see that you have occasional conflicts with laziness and discipline. That’s what I have had to deal with myself. Sometimes I don’t want to go to work and sometimes I don’t want to work on my website but consequences can even happen when one refuses to do something. I’m glad that you are working towards becoming a better version of yourself and wish you much success in your journey. 🙂

      1. Yes Gabriel, That’s exactly what I’m saying. Be remember sometimes the laziness has to win because we do need our breaks. Thank you so much 

    22. Hi, I am sure many of us can identify with this story. And having the debate with yourself on those days when one of you just doesn’t want to get out of bed. I think it is great though that you have triplets there and not just two opposing forces battling it out. We all need to find that arbiter inside, our own King Solomon ready to cut us in two unless our stubborn parts can agree to settle our differences and put the swords down. And if that means getting out of bed and starting the day, then so be it. Great story, Best regards, Andy

    23. Hahahaha!  I was very curious to read this article when I saw the title “Humorous Story about Triplets” I could never have imagined that the story was actually about me, myself and I, well done you pulled this one very well! I must agree with you that sometime we can have inner conflicts with ourselves but at the end we need to always make the right and final decision, that will be beneficial for us, that is why “I” is very important, LOL!   

    24. This is a pretty funny story.  The struggles we all have with me, myself and I, can be entertaining and tiring.  The indecisiveness with ones self, I think we all can relate to your story.  In my case, me, myself and I, still don’t want to wear a mask because at this point it’s for show.  You still have to wear a mask even if you test negative and/or have had the vaccine. The alarm clock is another fun story too.  The responsible me says you have to get up, the irresponsible me says stay in bed!  Thanks for sharing!

    25. A very entertaining story Humorous Story about Triplets, which we all carry within us, and with which we have new experiences every day.
      Great presentation of these negotiations between them, measuring power, and who ultimately wins, on real cases from your life. Especially the case of getting up in the morning when the alarm clock rings.
      Thanks for brightening my day with this story, and reminding me that we all have these triples.
      Friendly greeting,

    26. Hi, I’ve just gone through your post on humorous story about triplets. I find it very interesting. it is actually about our inner being. Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us. I will be sharing it further. It is a truly amazing post, I am glad I came across your website. Thanks once again.

    27. Carrie, I am done! This was so funny! Me Myself and I. And the photo of the goats lol Besides the humour this is SO TRUE you have written here! We all struggle in aligning all their aspects of our ego. Especially when is about getting up after a long night (I am a more evening person and my energy and creative levels are higher at night although I LOVE waking up early when I am tired I can’t get up). 

      However, I have been working on my ego’s resolution for several years now and it’s been a process. Once our ego is settled down, Me Myself and I are aligned, our soul gets the lead. 

      Great read! Thanks! 


    28. This was such a nice perspective to look at from an outsiders point of view. Often times, we’re so used to our routines when in reality we also want to expand our options and aim for something bigger. As the saying goes, we are our worst enemies. Me, Myself, and I, surely need to have a long conversation regarding the mediators; because she, she can be a though pill to swallow at times. 

      1. Sometimes we get to overwhelmed with ourselves, That’s where counseling comes in. It helps you balance your control over the chaos that goes on within.

        Thank you so much Stephanie 

    29. Ha ha! This is exactly what I needed. I am currently going through some stressful situations and I am in the mist of just looking for something that’ll kind of relax me and this little story definitely did that for me. I appreciate websites like yours that do nothing else and bring joy into peoples lives through in their content. Thank you for this

      1. Thank you so much Misael H. Your kind words of enjoyment and encouragement means so much to me. You gave me the courage to continue. Thank you so much

    30. Hey Carrie, What a clever way to talk about all those internal conflicts that occur whenever it is time to make a decision. I really enjoyed your humor in the story. It is actually only when we can laugh about our circumstance that we can start being objective about our decision making. I’m so glad that your triplets resolved the getting-up decision.

    31. What a great story.  I think those 3 must be cousins to “no, maybe and ok.”  These 3 don’t argue over getting out of bed, but always about whether or not they should try something new.  You have described the human struggle in a wonderful way.  I think  we find these triplets popping up no matter the circumstances of life.  What a great read!

    32. This very true of the internal struggle that happens within each and every one of us. A part of us wants to do what is right but another part is reluctant. It wants comfort and is unwilling to change. But our ability to stand up in the midst of it determines how far we go in life. The more we can help the “I” who is the boss make the right decision and stand up when it is right the better for us and our future. 

      1. Yes Parameter,

        Remember, “I can do it” and “I will do it.” “I” is the BOSS!! “I” is in CONTROL!!. “I” am RESPONSIBLE for everything that goes right or wrong. “I” has to make the choices.

        Thank you so much Parameter

    33. Thanks for sharing this article Carrie. You are definitely an inspiration.
      Internal srtuggles are a part of me too.
      I like how you turned it into humor and that you are aware of it. One of the best articles I read today and it fixed my day. Turning your flaws into humor is the best thing a man can do for himself.

      1. You know something else Denislukic, I love to laugh at myself as well. When people see me laugh at myself they join in and laugh with me. They think I’m crazy but in a loving way. I tell them that I am. 

        Thank you so much for relating and enjoying the humor. We need to laugh more. It can be contagious. 

    34. Haha, I like this. I feel this struggle a lot. Sometimes my productive side wins, and sometimes the more “laid back” side wins. I can be very driven and somehow very lazy at the same time… But I think that’s in part due to my depression, haha. To be honest, depression can make it pretty tough to figure out what’s the symptoms and what’s simply me just wanting to be complacent. I is usually pretty good about getting things going though!

      1. Hi Christina, 

        I feel that you are doing fine. Have a little bit of laziness in all of us. Once you learn how to shut the negative voices out and replace them with positive voices you will be just fine.

        Thank you so much Christina.

    35. The struggle of being yourself(s). Very funny and thought-provoking, as it really got me thinking of how many different people I answer to. It’s a constant battle but hopefully, there is a balance in the end. At least we hope, right?

      I needed to read this today and I thank you for the humorous short story.

    36. What an analogy, I have to use the work triplet more and more now! I have to say that your story is very relatable Carrie. I too getting tired of wearing a mask but we all have to wear it so that we can get back to normal again. It is a process but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

      1. Yes Nuttanee, Sometimes our inner child wants to come out and misbehave but we have to stop it.

        Thank you so much

    37. I think a lot of us can relate to those 3 characters! It’s great that you have found a lighthearted way to see these different thoughts as competing triplets. It is no fun to have to endure struggles of any kind, but often our attitude and focus are what make the difference in the quality of our days. Thanks for sharing this personal story!

    38. What a great title and an even better article. I’m the boss, and I’ll tell you how the concept is very cool. I guess I had an aha moment today. I recognized that I am only a human being, and there are several parties in all of us who are currently dominating. No one is quite sure.

    39. Hello there, Carrie! This was actually a very entertaining and great read. It is actually quite deep too! Each day we battle over our own thoughts. The situations we go about every day can be good or bad all depending on how we respond to it. I think like with your article, finding out whether “me” or “I” should be more dominant and learning to control when one takes over is a very beneficial thing. I think we if learn to do that, we can become very effective, strong minded individuals even  during difficult times.

      1. Well Mike, I believe they are all dominate. They need each other to function in one body. I believe we were design to have these three characters for balance. One character is more dominate then the others. You have to sit and choose which one is the more dominate.  You have to know yourself. If you want to change them you can. 

        Thank you so much Mike

    40. Now, this is what I call entertainment Carrie! 

      I love your humorous story. It is so easy to relate to. We are faced with lots of decisions making on a daily basis. Your true story here reminds me of my constant battles with myself.

      With the triplets’ story in mind, I am sure to face these constant arguments with me, myself, and I on a more joyous note.

      Thank you for bringing a smile to my face! Much appreciated!


    41. What a well-written story about internal battles. I have them every morning myself. I have the beginning of arthritis at the age of 55, and some days are worse than others, and I don´t feel like getting out of bed, because my joints are hurting quite bad.

      But when I let myself be convinced by my own “I”, things are better than it feels and the day usually is great after all. I have started to do affirmation targeted towards my health and it seems like it is beginning to work quite well. The joints and the body doesn´t ache that much anymore.

      It is important to look at our conditions also from a humorous viewpoint. No matter what situation we are experiencing there is also a “sunny” side to it. It needs to be nurtured as it can have a tremendous impact on pour well-being and ability to cope with illness.


    42. Good Morning Carrie!

      Thank you for the sweet and funny way you delivered such an enlightening post. I think you are such an inspiration to many people who have no idea what it takes to wake up in pain. I commend you, sincerely, for your tenacity and I pray that your mornings and days get easier and that you continue be a great voice of strength to everyone lucky enough to meet you. Thank you again and may God bless you always.

    43. Hi Carrie, what a funny and true story. Reading your post, I found myself. This morning, I repeated to myself the same word. I don’t feel good, let me stay in the bed. But my daughter that is only three years old said to me: Mum get up🤗.

      So another day started again. 

      thank you for sharing this. 


    44. This is a very clever and amazing post! I love how outside of the box you are. Yes, I think we can all agree that we are Me, Myself, and I, not just one or another. I could see a lot of myself in Me and Myself, more of the latter actually 

      But, it is me who decides to be happy and fun-loving despite all the obstacles in my life. And, like you said, I always decide to take charge of my life and do what is in our best interest. Thanks, what a blast?!!

    45. I think we all face our struggles from time to time and things get messy inside us when some part decides one way but some other part of us disagrees. Sometimes is not easy to find a balance in the decisions we have to make, but hey. This is a complex world we live in and no one said all decisions are easy or clear to make!

    46. You have literally narrated the story of my life in your post. 🙂

      For the better of my life, Me has been winning but Myself has had to grow stronger since I hit my mid 20’s.

      When I want to do something challenging, I always listen to myself because I know he is where I want to be and try as much as possible to go through the pain and make it happen.

      I honestly wish that someone could choose one of the three triplets when they get older and the other opposite one goes away completely. I wish there was some kind of a button in our bodies for that. 🙂

      1. Well Dave as we grow older, the three works together. We still get out of line but in a different and a more mature way. It’s called self discipline. We must choose one to be the boss to control the chaos within.

    47. What a fun way to describe that internal struggle we all have so frequently! It’s true that we each have the child, the selfish one, and the peacemaker within. Finding a way to manage them in balance keeps us happy, healthy, and still functioning in life. 

      Thank you for the morning laugh! The photos provided a bit of amusement, too!

    48. When you’re busy online either working or studying, it can be all too easy to find yourself far too seriously embroiled in what you’re doing to remember some ofg the nicer things in life. So thanks for sharing this article. it was a breath of fresh air to read. As a lover of Animals, i always find these types of articles interesting.



    49. Thanks for this lighthearted presentation of the story that is true for all of us. I, too, have so many different versions of me that sometimes contradict each other, yet at the root we three want the same best result. In my case me would idle most of the time, myself likes to have fun and I is very ambitious and always wanting to work hard to my goals. Thank you for this humorous insight into what we all are.

    50. Thanks for the wonderful, sweet – funny, true story.
      I enjoyed reading it.
      In your case, in different life situations, does “I” win more often?
      You are adorned with exceptional optimism and enthusiasm, and that is exactly the key to overcoming any problem. And diseases.
      I wish you all the best from God and that we hang out for a long, long time on this platform.
      With love ,


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