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Vitamins with Chemo

I remember when I was diagnosed with CLL. I was a stage 4. It was in 90% of my bone marrow. I had to have Chemo.

My daughter was not going to take this without a fight. She researched and gather up some information on vitamins for me to take while on Chemo. She talked to my doctor and they both were in agreement with the regime.

I started taken the vitamins one week before they started the Chemo. My Chemo treatments was two days every month for six months. I did not want anyone to go with me to get Chemo because that was my time to relax and be still.

While the Chemo was tearing everything down, the vitamins was building everything back up. In this segment I am going to give you a list of vitamins and what are their reason in helping me through Chemo. Having CLL has a lot to do with the flowing of the blood in your body and lack of strength of your bones and the loss of blood cells. These vitamins helped with the process. Don’t forget to drink Plenty, plenty of water. So Let’s get started, Vitamins

Vitamin Supplement

  • Prenatal Vitamins or any One a Day Vitamin: Prenatal Vitamin are full of extra vitamins for the blood. Prenatal vitamin is not only for pregnant women. The reason I use Prenatal Vitamin is that of the Folic acid and Folate. It has Iron in them. These help build the blood. It also has Calcium and Vitamin-D. They help strengthen the bones. Plus it has more wonderful nutrients
  • Folate: Yes I took this as well because it helped make more red blood cells in the bone marrow. It converts carbohydrates into energy.
  • Folic Acid(Vitamin-B9): Yes this is also in the Prenatal Vitamins. Helps the body produce and manage new cells. The red blood cells depended on large levels of this vitamin. Remember 90% of the disease was in my bone marrow.
  • Vitamin-D3: There are many reasons for taking Vitamin-D3. It’s known to be great for the Muscles and Bones. It helps in lowering bone fractures and helps build muscle strength.
  • It helps your Immunity. Cuts risk of respiratory infection in half. It also helps your mood.
  • Studies show taking vitamin-D3 helps with depression.
  • Some studies show Vitamin-D3 can help lower the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. There are more reasons to take this vitamin but this is why I took them okay
  • Vitamin-B12: It helps the body make DNA and assist with forming healthy red blood cells.
  • Vitamin-K: It is the main role in helping the blood to clot. With CLL our platelets are low and the blood have a hard time clotting. Vitamin-K helps
  • Nettle Leaf: Helps the body to process and flush away toxins.
  • Calcium Citrate: The body needs Calcium to build strong bones and to help out a lot of very important functions in the body. Most of the Calcium is placed in the bones and teeth. Calcium helps muscles to move and it helps the nerves carry the messages throughout your body.
  • Curcumin/Turmeric: It’s an antioxidant for the body. It protects the body from infections. It protects the body from unknown radicals. Like a barrier. Curcumin is a herb for cancer treatment. Studies show reduce of cancer cells.
  • Vitamin-C: Known for the blatant growth and reconstructing all body tissue. It’s surrounded by many body task, including building of collagen, soaking up iron, direct work of the immune system, laceration healing, nurture of cartilage, bones and teeth.
  • Olive Leaf: Improve immunity, Gets rid of free radicals, lowers swelling, and lowers cardiovascular
  • Pau D Arco: Helps your gut and your immune system.

These are the vitamins I was taking along with the Chemo. You can click on the vitamin link for more information on these vitamins below. And Don’t forget Plenty plenty WATER!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Carrie and I hope and pray that you get well soon. I didn’t know that prenatal vitamins are also good for people undergoing chemo. I agree though that they contain a lot of vitamins and being number 1 on the list is folic acid. I used to take them with my 2 pregnancies and I always like to read the labels. Do you think people with leukemia can also take prenatal vitamins even if they’re not undergoing chemo?

    1. Hi Julai

      Thank you but I am Fantastic! I am not sick at all. My doctor encouraged me to tell my story because I am one of the healthiest patients that has with CLL. I choose to live my life in a happy stress free way. I do everything with no problems. To answer your question, Yes. If your iron is low,  prenatal vitamins are perfect.


  2. I have a friend that was just told to start taking Folic Acid for a skin condition. Whe he told his girlfriend, she said they give that to people trying to recover from Cancer treatments.. Running across this post comfirms what she told him. He was given something else, but I can’t remember the name. I know he was told he couldn’t consume alcohol while he was on these drugs.

    1. Hi Richard Thank you so much for checking out my site. Yes you will be surprised how different types of vitamins could help certain issues you may have. 

  3. Wow, Carrie. I have to admit it. I was troubled when you said that while the chemo was tearing you down and that vitamins was building everything back up. What a powerful phrase in your article! I’ve learned a lot in your post. For instance, how useful can be prenatal vitamin for the rest of us. Hope you’re doing fine now.

  4. I really wished I had seen this article earlier the doctors never gave us any information about these vitamins you could take during chemo. My grandma just passed away because of small cell lung cancer that spread to her brain because she refused any treatment at first then by the time she decided to do the chemo it made her bones so weak that she broke her coller bone getting up out of bed and 2 weeks later she passed away.  I really appreciate you helping others by putting this information out here for people to see. It’s a wonderful thing your doing sharing personal experiences to help others. I hope you are doing well and I’m very sorry your have had to go through the things you have gone through. You and your daughter are very strong people for not giving up and staying in the fight. It takes tons of courage and determination to battle this kind of thing. Your story is very inspirational and I know will help  many many people. I wish you all the best and hope things continue to improve in your situation.

    Stay strong,


    1. Thank you so much Jonathon. I’m sorry your grandma passed. My site is new and yes Vitamins do play a big part in dealing with the healing process. Some people chose not to have Chemo and I learned about special foods are good as well. Chemo is what doctors recommend. I found out there are other alternatives out there.

  5. Thankyou for this information, this will help many people. I am happy for you that you have found a way to live with CCL. I am glad that vitamins have worked so well for you. I am a big proponent of vitamins I think they are essential for healthy living. I hope your site gets a lot of traffic, I truly believe it can help a lot of people. Good luck. 

    1. Thank you AL. I am hoping to get people with or without CLL. Vitamins are good for anyone who needs that extra boost

  6. Hi Carrie. Very important article. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I hope you will fully recover soon. I can’t express how crucial is to share such information with others, there are so many supplements on market that its not easy to choose good ones. Definitely I will share this post with all my friends and family, as I also know people after chemo, and I remember how they struggled to find valid information.

    1. Hi Cogito. Thank you but I am fully healed now. Thank God

      All my levels are up. Been maintain for many years now. I want everyone to know there are ways to recover.

  7. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I know it wasn’t easy for anyone diagnosed with such illness and I admired your courage to fight against it. I also had breast cancer 7 years ago, had undergone CHEMO, losing my hair, but by the grace of Almighty God and with the help of fantastic medical team I have survived. Thank you sharing the right supplements and vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

    1. Thank you so much Praxides. I am so happy you are doing well too!!. It doesn’t matter how things are, always remember, “God Got You”!! He brought us this far, that means we have work to do. I’m sending you all my love and praying for you the very best!!

  8. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope you get well soon.  It is wonderful that pre-natal vitamin do wonders for CLL.  I am just curious, if that number of bottles you have showed on pictures are really what are you taking? or is the one or 2 bottles in the market that contain all what you have taken?

    1. Hi Maria, I am doing Wonderful. I have not been sick in many years. Yes those are the exact vitamins I took. Thank you so much for asking. I pulled them out and looked them up. I want to help by being honest as well.

  9. Hi Carry,

    Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your process. It’s a big list of vitamins that you were taking, up until what time after the treatment did you take them? You mentioned that you would start with them a week before the chemo starts, did you keep on taking them for the entire treatment, or did you have some breaks in between?

    Thank you so much for your response!

    1. Hi Virenda, I started one week before my Chemo and I kept taking them everyday till six months after Chemo. While I was taking the vitamins I started eating the foods with the nutrients the vitamins had. When my levels went up I weaned myself off the vitamins. It’s been over 5 years now. Thank you so much for asking. I’m here to help.


      1. Thank you Carrie for your response! I’m having a friend with cancer now, which is why I was asking. I’m going to recommend this article! Take care!

  10. HI, First of all I am so sorry you had to go through this terrible disease and hope you are on the road to recovery. Offering advice on anything which makes it slightly more bearable such as these vitamins you write about in your article I am sure will be a great help to others based on your own experiences – which are always the most honest kind of reccomendations you can find.

    1. Thank you Dan for checking out my site. For me I am doing very WELL. I have not been sick for many years now. I am very very Thankful and Greatful to that. My doctor encouraged me to write my life because he felt my story needs to get out.

  11. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.  While doctors do their best to treat an illness, they are often focused solely on medical treatment, not the nutrition that may also be helpful.  How beautiful that you have a daughter to advocate for you.  That must have been a huge undertaking.  Thank you for passing it along and I hope you are doing well.

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia, I am doing very well I have not been sick in many years. I also eat my Veggies. You will be surprised how an illness make you change your whole entire lifestyle.  

  12. Thanks for sharing this short but detailed articles on the different types of vitamins and their uses. My mom has been struggling with bones pain in her legs for a while, she use to take chemo but after stopping she most of the time still experience pain. I think  Vitamin-D3 will be great for her, since it helps strengthen the muscles  and since it also helps in lowering bone fractures.

    1. Hi Nedia, Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am not a Doctor but Vitamin D3, Calcium, and Turmeric/Cucurmin are good for strengthen the bones. Now the pain is still there but it helps builds the strength. You can research it. Have her eat plenty of dark leafy vegetables. Drink Plenty, plenty of water. Move around more because the longer you sit the more painful it is when you get up.

      I hope this helps you. I pray for your mom a full recovery and God Bless

  13. I read your article with great interest as I strongly believe myself that whatever chemo kills in our body, we can compensate ( to a certain extent ) with a healthy diet. The health of our gut system in this is essential and vitaminss make a big difference.

    as for the folic acid, I was shocked to learn that here in Argentina the only wheat flour they sell is ‘enriched’ flour, enriched amongst others with folic acid. the main reason being to avoid miscarriages .

    1. Hi Karin,  Yes vitamins are good to help build up what the Chemo is getting ready to tear down. I also recommend foods. I took the vitamins because of the way the disease was taking over my red blood cells. The vitamins helped build them build them back up. I also learned about foods. I started eating foods rich in iron and the nutrients dealing with my blood, bones and immune system. I weaned myself off the Vitamins 6 months after the Chemo because I know vitamins could be unhealthy as well. I will be talking about the foods soon. 

      Thank you so much Karin for showing your interest. Looks like I have work to do. 😂. You have a good day.

  14. I think your article is a GREAT article with lots of information a LOT of people should know. I’m in the health niche too and I found it very informative and will most likely be in touch later to get your input.

    The info you put in about the Prenatal vitamins is something very few people know and something even fewer people actually do.

     Thanks Carrie. 

  15. I thought I knew a lot about Vitamins until I checked out your site.
    The information you have given is invaluable, and so much benefits to be derived from these Vitamins.
    All of this information has encouraged me to do further research for my personal information.
    These will also be beneficial to improve the immune system especially with the ongoing pandemic.

    1. Hi Moni, Thank you so much for your input. It’s good to go to the Doctor but when it comes to you and your body, you should research what is going on and be the head of the decisions made. For instances about me.  Understand I work in a hospital and the requirement is flu shots. My doctor also recommended it, but I refused it. They said to me if you don’t take the flu shot you have to wear a mask. I chose the mask. Since 2016 I sat back and watched everyone catch the flu except me. Every year. I told my doctor all due respect I was told I had CLL for the rest of my life. It is quiet and I do not want anything in my body to wake it up. I was told the same thing in 2020. Crazy part about that is I was wearing a mask when he told me. 😂. I rather me making the errors then them. My choice my error. Think about it.

      Thank you so much Moni,  


  16. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing article with us. I like that you have added your experience here and you have Had with this. I appreciate very much the knowledge and experience that you can put here out for us. This has been very useful for me because I am myself know somebody who has to use chemo and is taking vitamins and is very hesitant about it

    1. Hi Misaei H,  I so sorry about your friend. At times like this everyone lean directly on their doctors. They have to realize the doctors are good yes, but they need to also take charge and research for themselves. I’m not saying the doctors are wrong, Please do not mistake me saying that. They are AWSome but I feel like it’s your body and you should play a part in what’s going to take place by doing your research on your problem. It’s like getting a second opinion. But you are taking control. If your doctor do not work with you on what is going on you may need to get one who works with you. She needs to know what kind of illness she has and what type of Chemo she is going to take then research it and choose. Doctors are not going to tell you everything so take control by researching.

      Thank you so much Misael H for visiting my site and I am praying for you friend.      

  17. This post will help many out there, who might be going through the same problem. Coming from the horse’s mouth makes it easier for people to believe. Hearing it from someone who knows that it is definitely true. I hope and pray you fully recover soon. Many will learn a lot from your article, which is well detailed.

    1. Thank you so much Dozzy

      According to me and my doctor I am GREAT!! I now fully recovered but I have to keep going to get tested. I have CLL for the rest my life he says. I am in the watch and wait mode. He keeps watching. I am not waiting. I have too much life to live then to worry about getting sick. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. 😂. You have a wonderfully blessed day


  18. It is good to hear of some who have combined natural and regular medical treatments. I was wondering if it helped with the side-effects of chemo?

    I admire your attitude to accept what comes our way. We never know what will become our lot in life. I know what it is like to have some diagnoses, but not Cancer. I always felt it would be great if I could be strong for my family if I was faced with that situation. So “Good for you!” what a wonderful attitude.

    1. I believe it did because I did not have a lot of issues some people had. Please please drink plenty plenty of water. When I felt nauseous I had to sit still. Chemo makes  inside your body feel loud and busy. I would sit still till it stopped. That helped me. I don’t know why but my hair did not fall out. It got thin just a little. Deep in my heart yes I feel like the vitamins helped. Thank you so much Carolyn for visiting my site. I hope I helped you.

  19. Thank you for this information and most importantly, I hope you are now well over this and feeling a lot better.

    As you know only too well, this is a very scary and stressful time and you need all the help you can get.  

    Thanks not only for all the information, but for making the products available, as that will make it easier for people in the situation to get them without having to go out shopping to looki for them.  You are fortunate that you have a daughter who did all the searching for you but for people who have no one, having it all together here in one place is so super helpful.

    Thanks again and I hope countless people benefit from your post.

    1. Thank you so much Geoff for taking the time to visit my site. Yes I am doing very well. I have not been sick for many years now. But I still have it. My doctor said it’s a lifetime condition. I had decided to live with CLL. I am the Boss right now. 😂. I know my limits. Yes it can be scary and stressful. I get nervous every 6 months when I get tested. No one knows the hidden fear. I have to keep my smile in tact. So yes I do fear sometimes.

  20. Thanks for sharing your story and experience. Thank you for a detailed outline of the vitamins for the treatment chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I would appreciate if you would do same for the diagnostic procedure. Especially that of immuno therapy , radiotherapy and the clinical trials
    Why is there a need for that?

    1. Hi diyerini, Thank you for visiting my site. The vitamins I took helped me through the treatment. They helped me during Chemo. I did not have those therapies. I will have to research and bring them to light for everyone to understand them. Thank you

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this information about what vitamins to take during the chemo therapy. Chemotherapy can be tough and it is not pleasant. I cannot relate to this first hand but I do see a lot of my family go through this and I just want to do something to help them. Who would know that prenatal vitamins work! I will share your post with my family and friends. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee, 

      Thank you  so much. Yes Prenatal Vitamins are very good to help. Builds your blood, bones and immune system.  Remember it helps with the growth of the baby. Plus it helps the mother to have enough nourishments for her and the baby. You need these nourishments for when the Chemo starts striping good and bad cells out of your body. It(Chemo) will cause certain deficiencies.  Yes I took those vitamins to help build everything back up. I took them 1 week before the Chemo and kept taking them till 6 months after the chemo. Please please drink plenty plenty water.

      Thank you again Nuttanee

  22. What a great article. I definitely think that you have provided a great deal of valuable information for people who are struggling with this. My uncle is currently going through chemo and I can see that he is becoming very malnourished, and he has even talked about the fact that he wishes he could get more vitamins in his body. This is why I ended up doing some research for him and I’m glad that I ran into your article

    1. Thank you so much Misael H, for reading my articles. I hope your uncle will find much joy in reading and understanding what I am trying to say. I am pray it will give him hope because there is hope in everything.

  23. Congratulations on your fight! Your story is very inspiring and sends a clear message. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of vitamins in every situation. And of course the water, without it there is no life! A lot of success in your work and as many moments to remember as possible!

    1. Thank you so much Jas. Vitamins are great for deficiencies. Chemo causes a lot of that. I know the best thing to help rebuild is vitamins. Water is so important to prevent a lot of effects from Chemo as well. It flushes you out. It also prevent mouth sores.

  24. Wow, that really is a lot of vitamins, and looking at all the ingredients, I am not surprised that these helped you during your chemo. Glad to read that you are feeling ok again.

    I was interested to read that Nettle Leaf is good for flushing away toxins. Is this only good to take if you are on chemo, or can anybody take it for a good detox? Turmeric is another one that I think is a great one for everyone to take regardless of whether or not you are sick.

    1. Hi Michel,

           Yes, Nettle Leaf is for other reasons. I just used it to help me through the Chemo process.

      Thank you so much for visiting my site. You have a wonderfully blessed day! 

  25. Hello Carrie,

    I hope you are doing well, and I want to congratulate your daughter for not giving up and doing her research to help you.  I’m sure you’re grateful for for daughter.

    I learn  a few things about vitamins today, I’ve consider other types of vitamins and I know vitamins are good for you but, prenatal vitamins if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding, who would have thoughts?

    I hope your site gets lots of traffic because, because this information may be of great value to so many suffering from this terrible disease.

    I wish you good health and keep on doing what you do.


    1. Thank you so much Nicole,

      Yes, Prenatal Vitamin are the Ultimate Vitamin. What has more then that. Prenatal Vitamins takes part of a new life, what’s wrong with it continuing the old one? There are some women I know that are going through the menopausal  process and they take prenatal vitamin as well. 

  26. Thank you very much for this well-detailed article. And I really hope that soon you’ll be able to completely recover. I am so glad to read about your great improvement so far.

    Reading your experience is touching but it’s also very helpful! Your content is worth sharing. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Paolo,

      Thank you so much for sharing. I am doing fine. Have been for many years now. I get tested every 6 months and so far my blood levels are really good. I am not on any medication. I am on a break from my vitamins. I eat foods that have the vitamins. I work everyday on a normal schedule.  I am so thankful and so grateful I can live, laugh, and love. 

      Thank you so much for your concern Paolo

  27. This is a very helpful website for those that are going to go through chemo. I think this will also be good for really anyone who wants to boost their immune system. With all the covid stuff out there I think we would all be better off with a healthy regimen of vitamins that give our body a boost. 

    1. Hi AL.S

      Yes, I want to help encourage others to take vitamins with their Chemo. It’s not just about CLL. I just happen to have CLL. It’s for others that have to go through Chemo, and other types of illness that causes certain types of deficiencies. 

      Thank you so AL.S recognizing what I’m set out to do.

  28. Wow. I know that the chemo wears down the body a lot. This is such a good suggestion, where you begin supplementing the body even before starting treatment. I had a good idea that multivitamins could help, but I am glad you named some that I would not have thought of. Vitamin D and folate I am just now learning about and that product called turmeric seems to be great medicine for almost everything. Thank you for this valuable information.

    1. Thank you so much JJ,

      Yes Vitamins are good for a lot of decencies. Not just chemo but other lacking nutrients you have in the body.   

  29. This is a great post on vitamins that can help you with chemo. I did not know that prenatal vitamins could benefit somebody going through chemo, so well done on your daughter doing the research and helping you with that. My brother-in-law has just started chemo for lung cancer (he’s never smoked a cigarette in his life) so I will definitely share your encouraging post with them. 

    1. He should be able to take prenatal vitamin to help his blood bones and immune system. If he feels uncomfortable then look up the other vitamins inside the prenatal and break it down. I mean buy them separately that should help build him back up. Now I am not a doctor. I just do research and use what I believe.

      Thank you so much LineCowley. I will be praying for your brother-in-law’s full recovery

  30. I cannot even imagine how it feels to go through such an ordeal. It needs a lot of power both physically and mentally and these vitamins seem to help with the physical part. Although most of them I knew by name to be honest very few of them I knew what they were actually doing. Thanks, this was really informative!

  31. Hi Carrie
    Thank you for the article you shared with us about Vitamins with Chemo,
    I’m going to talk about (Solgar Vitamin K2 (MK-7) 100mcg)
    Taking Solgar natural K2 with vitamin D3 to help with cardiovascular and arteries; in an effort to prevent and reverse damage from occurring. If you aren’t getting sufficient sunlight then you need a D3 supplement daily. Vitamin D3 and K2 are The Dynamic Duos in Heart Health. Highly recommended.
    Once again Thank you

  32. You are so brave and positive Carrie and I applaud you for sharing your journey with us and how you worked towards offsetting the chemo. What a clever daughter you have to do the research and suggest these vitamins to boost your capacity to fight back. I hope you are feeling better and stronger now and looking forward.

    You have some great suggestions here, I will keep them in mind for my friends and pass them on.

  33. Thank you for sharing this article and your experience with us Carrie. Having to go through the chemo must have been an awful experience but I’m glad your Daughter was diligent and worked with your Doctor to find a daily vitamin regimen that helped you through it. Do you still take all of those vitamins or have you cut down on a few of them since your chemo sessions have stopped?

    1. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for visiting my site. I stopped taking the vitamins 6 months after the Chemo. I now eat foods that have the right nutrients plus anything I want and I drink plenty plenty water. 

  34. Hello there! Cancer is definitely something that is difficult to battle and can be taxing not just for the victim but for the family as well. It is also important that one does what they can to help provide nutrition for the body so that they can continue having the strength to tolerate all those chemotherapy sessions. I had no idea that prenatal vitamins would be a benefit for these situations. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Yes Mike Prenatal vitamins are good for anyone. They provide the growth and strength of the bones, blood and the immune system. Chemo is stripping everything out making you weak. Well the vitamins kept me strong. I did not get sick at all. I got Chemo on Thurs and Fri, then went to work the very Mon. I went shopping on the weekend. I am thankful.

      Thank you so much Mike 

  35. Thanks for sharing your story and I really appreciate that you’ve shared those vitamin supplements. My uncle has started his chemo and he looks so pale. I imagine it can be both caused by his mental and physical health. His family is with him, so at least I want to support his physical health. However, I don’t think he need to consume all of those vitamins at once. Can you recommend the most essentials from them? Thanks 

    1. Hi Alblue,

      I will break it down a little for you okay. Vitamin D3 should be a major one. Vitamin B12 is one. Vitamin K, Calcium citrate, and Vitamin C.I went on a site call “” for vitamin for the immune system and I got Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 is good for boosting the immune system. I feel it’s good to check out that site because they sounds good in helping men and vitamin. It’s better you make a choice from them. 

      Thank you so much Alblue. 

  36. Thank you for sharing such useful information for people going through it. I don’t think a lot of people are at all instructed that vitamins can help a lot in their fight. Great that you got along and learned to live with it.
    I will definitely recommend your article to anyone who needs it.

  37. I really love reading your articles and really love the tone of hope and inspiration that, I always pick in your articles. I appreciate this post, it is a good summary of the benefits of different types of multi vitamins. I am glad I stumbled into it because I believe that the knowledge you provided can benefit everyone who has a need to build or improve their health.

    1. Yes Bogadi, I’m really trying to let others know vitamins are important. Thank you so much Bogadi for revisiting my site.

  38. This is such an important topic. There are so many reasons to take vitamins but which ones. There are hundreds if not thousands of vitamins out there, and they are so expensive. Find the right ones that will actually help, without wasting time and money is very important especially with things like kemo. 

    1. You are are so right DashDNations, but when you know what reason for a particular vitamin all you do is google the issue and it will give you a specific type of vitamin. Research everything including the side effects. 

      Thank you so much

  39. Thank you so much for this awesome post!  I learned so much about some of the vitamins to take with chemo.  I really love how you talk about your story in your posts.  You have a beautiful story that I think is inspiring many different people.  This post helps others who are going through the same issue as you.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this. Have started researching vitamins for better bone health as I’ve developed some erosion on two bones in my arm and this is being further investigated as they don’t believe it to be arthritic erosion. Your list of vitamins and an explanation of how they work is fab and I have taken notes on these for reference.

    Hope you are well and thank you again for sharing.

  41. I believe that friend of mine was using the prenatal pills you recommend here. She was using them during the time she was working in the cruise industry to retain and maintained her health as the food lacks vitamins there, and when you work on the ships you are exposed to such food all the time. She mentioned back then that those are very good. This post will help many people out there especially those having chemo therapy active in their lives. 

    Good to know you are well Carrie 

  42. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you once again. It’s interesting and motivating how you have overcome and adjusted to live with CCL. I have read about the Vitamins with Chemo you provided, and I’m very happy to have come across most vitamin supplements and their benefits, and I must say I did not know most of them before. Your daughter and the doctor have done really great work, you should be proud of them.

  43. Hi Carrie, thanks for giving a clear explanation of so many vitamins.  It was so interesting to know their respective functions and how they all play their part and help the body in different ways.  This is a good reference for anyone on chemo, and very helpful.  Thank you for your research and sharing this information.


    1. You are so welcome Dominic, I hope others will recognize when we are getting ready to face something deadly as Chemo. We should have a barrier to protect us from it. Do you know I did not get sick at all. Yes I was a little weak but not sick. I took Chemo on a Thursday and Friday and went back to work on the following Monday. I believe in my heart of hearts that vitamins play a major part in that.

      Thank you so much

  44. I was prescribed vitamin D3 with a high dose of 50,000mg due to the low amount of said vitamin that I had in my system, but never would I had figured out that the vitamins that were mentioned here could actually help you during such a rough time. Sure, it’s known that they do help because having to go through chemo is really draining but it’s quite amazing how helpful these every day vitamins can be.

  45. Love the proactive approach to chemotherapy. I think this would give many people a positive and optimistic approach to the looming chemo, as you stated you need to take this a week before starting chemo.

    I have never had chemo but I heard you have no appetite. Are the vitamins/pills hard to take when on chemo too?

    1. Hi Dan,

      I did not have any problems taking vitamins. I had no problem eating either. I learned to pay attention to my body. Plus I asked the doctor to give me the raw truth about what I was up against so I could have my own decisions to make to help the process.

      Thank you so much.

  46. Hi Carrie

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am a firm believer in vitamins and I believe also in herbal remedies. Have you ever heard of moringa or drumstick tree?. It is also known as tree of life and is packed with so many vitamins, Im sure it can be used daily when undergoing chemo. Please look into this miracle herb and let m eknow your thoughts?

    1. Hi Janine, Thank you so much for introducing me to these herbs. If I knew about them before the vitamins I would have used them without question. I would drink the moringa about 2-3 times daily. I am going to buy some and try it. Thank you so much. 


  47. This is such a very wonderful and crucial topic you have treated with this post. While going through chemotherapy, one must be very cautious and mindful of what is being ingested. Getting to know the specific vitamins and supplements one can take while undergoing chemotherapy would really do a great job in making sure one gets to benefit from taking vitamins while on chemotherapy.

  48. Hmm, I knew that prenatal vitamins were recommended for conditions other than pregnancy, but I was sure for what or why. It’s interesting to learn that they have extra vitamins for the blood. Good for your daughter being so proactive and finding helpful vitamins that will give you extra strength and fuel to heal and feel your best.

  49. It’s a serious thing when someone, a child or adult, is diagnosed with any form of cancer. Fighting it through all types of drugs and radiation can make the patient feel worse than the disease themselves (So I heard). It great know patients suffering with some cancers can be helped through simple nutrition, along with supplements. It’s amazing how vitamins can strengthen bones, help treat blood and improve other parts of the body which cancer has damage. Working with your doctor is where it all begins to start some type of vitamin based program. 

    1. Hi rjkennedy, I am grateful I did not get sick when getting chemo because I was taking the vitamins as well. I am a true believer in taking vitamins with chemo works. 

      Thank you so much

  50. Thanks for this great and informative article! I had piriformis syndrome for a while and I found the vitamin D was very helpful. So it was interesting to noticed on your article that vitamin D was also helpful for the bones. What other vitamins besides calcium are good for the bones?

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